Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

home is whereever I am with you

have you guys seen this? it´s adorable!
when i was a little girl i always built a tents in our living room with my girls. after we played princesses or  poor, lost girls, we told us storys about boys,girls and other stuff and of course giggled a lot! but our only light was a little pocket lamp, cause my parants should think we are already sleeping....mh ..a bit like today :D

Purchases of the flea market

                                          fox taile 7euro, Bag:Furla, Blazer:Zara
                          skull ring 2euro, the one with the little black stone 2euro, basic ring65 euro (New York)
                                                                         Jeans shirt


XXL shirt:50ct, Jeans:20euro (best fitting-jeans I ever bought!) Zara, Heels:Valmy Moda

leather boots:35euro(Primark), T-shirt:65euro(5-Preview) 

I know that not the hole outfits are bought on flea market ;) 

Montag, 10. Januar 2011

Flea market with julia

On Saturday my friend Julia and me spend a day on the flea market.
it was a wonderfull sunny day and in air you could smell the wish of spring! 


sweet juli

I will show you my purchases of this flea market - day and all my other new buys, in a new post xoxo